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ProteinCo Supplement Focus

The number one priority for us at ProteinCo is to provide you the best supplements that are low priced so you can afford to buy them. We strive every day to be the top rated dietary supplement source in the USA. In order to do this, we are 100% committed to bringing you the best supplements that live up to all your taste and performance expectations.

  • Whey Protein

    People shop at ProteinCo for our amazing line of whey protein first and foremost. One of the primary reasons is we are told over and over it’s the best tasting protein on the market. Our chocolate flavor Whey Protein Isolate for example, is not only formulated with the purest and most bio available raw ingredients, it tastes so good you can’t help but mix a serving or two pre workout and post workout alike. Protein in particular has to taste great or you won’t ever want to use it. We work very hard to make every whey protein powder the most amazing tasting treat so you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to find enough motivation to drink it. Since everyone has different taste preferences, we continually test and formulate new flavors so everyone can find the best tasting protein for their specific preferences.

  • Creatine

    Possibly the second most important nutrient if you are looking to gain muscle is creatine. In order to sculpt muscles that are chiseled and toned, you need to power through your workouts and then recover from them completely and quickly. Creatine reinforces your body stores to assure you have enough readily available phosphocreatine to support explosive efforts. ProteinCo offers a complete line of this key nutrient, both alone and combined synergistically with other nutrients to meet the needs of every type of athlete or active consumer.

  • Supporting Supplements

    While you are busy building massive muscle or doing all you can to look sexier in your clothes, we have your back with supporting supplements that keep you healthy. Our goal is to be a one stop location for not only your workout protein, but also the basic foundations for ensuring a strong immune system. Essential fatty acids, vitamin D, organic plant based nutrients, and high quality multi vitamins, are examples of a nutritional supplement nearly everyone needs. We also remain vigilant for new products we can formulate that will keep you fit and strong regardless of your lifestyle demands.

  • Bodybuilding

    We feel obligated to bodybuilders as they are the primary athlete group that has driven the protein and supplement market to what it is today. We would be remiss if we didn’t provide a complete line of protein powders and supporting supplements to help them build muscle. The good news is you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to enjoy the benefits of all we offer. We’ve taken the needs of the bodybuilding world and fine-tuned many of the formulas to be supportive of active lifestyles and the pursuit of better health.

  • Protein-> Factory Direct

    Since whey protein powder is a primary ProteinCo focus, bringing them to you factory direct is more important than any other dietary supplement we feel. Bodybuilders and others looking to build muscle and get lean and fit, will purchase more protein powder than any other group of supplements typically. Therefore, being able to offer you the highest quality whey protein powders at the most economical prices sets the tone for everything else we do. Because our protein is pure, of the highest quality, and tastes the best, the demand continues to skyrocket. You will come to trust we will always stick to our model of “protein factory direct” whether we ship 2 pounds or a truck load.