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Cycling Supplements

  • Calcium Magnesium
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  • Flax Seed Oil
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  • Glutamine
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  • Joint Support
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  • Krill Oil
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  • Omega 3
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  • Omega 3 6 9
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  • Organic Spirulina
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  • Vegan Multivitamin
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  • Vitamin D3
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ProteinCo offers you the best nutritional supplement line for any type of cycling. One of the biggest advantages of our formulas, is they lend themselves perfectly to personalizing. This allows you to mix several powdered ingredients together for the best sports drink and rehydration mix for your personal needs. By taking a base carbohydrate mixture, you can add amino acids for protein and electrolytes for more efficient muscle firing. Muscle cramps and post workout muscle fatigue will be a thing of the past when you consume a tailored recovery drink as well. For day after day training or racing, Energy Booster is a must have supplement. Particularly if you feel over trained or suffer from what feels like chronic fatigue, you’ll get back on track and reach a higher plateau in no time!

Amino Recovery

Is a cheap way to ensure post workout results. By providing key nutrients such as glutamine and electrolytes, you recover faster so you can train harder next time.

BCAA Drink

Can be added to any powdered sports drink formula you choose. They provide all the protein you need for longer training and racing, avoiding the cannibalizing of your muscle tissue.

Calcium Magnesium

Gives back the essential minerals you deplete through exercise and highly acidic diet choices such as animal protein. This is a low cost bone preserving health supplement that is properly formulated for maximum absorption.

Cellular Energy

Gets to the root of low energy and chronic fatigue. Cell health is critical for natural energy production as well as fat metabolism and vitality.

Energy Booster

Scavenges ammonia through a triple nutrient complex that works very well post workout. In addition, Quercitin can give an energy pop when taken during the later stages of a race, assuring that you win the sprint!

Flax Seed Oil

Provides a vegan and vegetarian friendly essential fatty acid source. This is one of the only plant foods that has the most healthy ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3.


Assists with muscle recovery which facilitates faster muscle gain and body size. This amino acid can promote growth hormone (HGH) release which is a key to building muscle faster.

Joint Support

Offers injury prevention benefits as well as relief from joint pain. Bodybuilders, power lifters and others engaged in high impact sports rank this supplement as one of the top rated joint support formulas they have ever used.

Krill Oil

Is a fairly new essential fatty acid source that is proving to be the best omega oil source on the planet. Astaxanthin is added to make this a low priced essential fatty acid and antioxidant combo your body will thank you for using regularly.

Omega 3

Counters the common over consumption of Omega 6. This inexpensive fish oil supplement pays back your body with healthy EPA and DHA for natural anti-inflammatory benefits.

Omega 3 6 9

Provides a complete essential fatty acid formula in a soft gel. Organic flax seed oil, borage oil and a fish oil complex combine to provide maximum effectiveness.

Organic Spirulina

Is an economical magic pill for nearly everything a body needs. Buy this low priced miracle food in easy to use tablet form and you will benefit greatly, we guarantee it.

Vegan Multivitamin

Contains all the important vitamins and minerals you aren’t getting from the foods you eat. Athletes who train hard in particular, should purchase this low cost insurance policy and performance booster.

Vitamin D3

Is a cheap way to improve your overall health. Most people are vitamin deficient when it comes to vitamin D making this a must have supplement for everyone.

Waxy Maize

Preserves glycogen stores with a fast absorbing, long lasting carbohydrate source. By adding other powders, you can formulate a personalized sports drink to meet exacting needs.

Workout Caffeine

Stimulates fat release into your bloodstream where it can be burned and used for energy. Using this supplement is an economical way to boost your focus and motivate you pre workout